More Than A Peeling

My sister (whom you can follow for, among others, urban rooftop gardening) shared with me this banana peel fertilizer and it is so easy to make the child would probably be done preparing it even before you’ve finished writing and researching about “potassium” and “phosphorus”–the two minerals needed by plants that are present in banana peels.

Cut 3-4 banana peels into small pieces (I tear the peels into half-inch strips so it’s easier for the child to cut with scissors), put them in a 1-liter jar with water, and wait at least 3-4 days. When ready, we use a tong to transfer the banana peels into a bowl (we’ll bury those into the soil), then we transfer the liquid into a sprayer and use that on the soil of flowering and fruiting plants.

Cutting, transferring, pouring, care of the environment–a lot of purposeful Practical Life!

“If we would but think it, the carrying out of a practical life affords an abundance of exercise, and the gymnasium for perfecting one’s actions is the very environment in which he lives.” – Maria Montessori

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