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Once upon a time, we attended a big birthday party–at the end of which we saw one of the suppliers pop the balloons they used for decor. The floor was littered with so much of them and I knew they were just going to be thrown away so I invited children to collect in a box as much as we can, thinking that I’d just use the popped balloons for art or something–anything–just to keep them away from landfills. While picking up alongside children, I had this idea of starting a campaign–inviting children to use popped balloons they chance upon at parties/events in their artwork, framing and displaying them in their homes with some sort of caption or maybe even poem, hopefully helping with the dialog of doing away with using these non-biodegradable materials in our celebrations in the first place! Then my sister had the idea of using them to make furniture or other home things into art! So our 5.5-year-old put popped balloons onto a pot turning it into #PoppedBalloonArt!

It’s a small act. It’s just one box of popped balloons kept away from landfills. But this is what I speak up for today. This is what I modeled today. This is the story I tell today. Jane Goodall said in her talk that we got to attend in Singapore that the way towards change is to tell stories. So this is just me telling a story. What stories will you tell today? What stories will you help spread today?

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